1988 vermont griffey psa 9 no qualifiers



I have this card. It was graded by psa in 1990 when they started grading minor league cards. What is the value of this card. I cannot find one anywhere
Hi, george. Welcome to TCZ. Assuming you're talking about the 1988 Procards Griffey, it's worth somewhere around $30.
howdy mike, i wanted to write you back but somehow it has taken a month. This vermont ,1988 minor league card has a population of 3 out of nearly 2700 graded. Remember, there is no oc on this card. look up in psa population. I would think the value to be much higher than your initial response. thanks gamblingeorge--red star seller of ebay.
You could probably get more for it, depending on where you sell it but the last one to sell on eBay sold for $27. It was a PSA 9 also. Generally speaking, most people only pay premiums for 9.5 and 10 grades. Also, to get that premium with a 9.5 grade, you usually need at least 1 subgrade of 10. Keep in mind that's not necessarily always the case. That's just been my experience with not so rare cards that are graded.