19 more exquisites on the day


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setting em up and knocking em down...got some decent ones this time around...ill start with the 05

Anthony Davis Auto
Kay-Jay Harris Auto
Taylor Stubblefield Auto
Corey Webster Auto

and the 06

Lamont Jordan
Alex Smith (QB)
Shaun Alexander
Drew Bennentt
Santana Moss
Ladainian Tomlinson
Drew Brees
Randy Moss
Peyton Manning
Tatum Bell
Jake Plummer
Terrell Owens
Thomas Jones
Michael Vick
Winston Justice Gold Auto /60

there is a lot of 15 base up on the bay now that ill be trying to pull down along with some gold autos, just need people to pay for stuff they bought out of my store and stefan to sell those demecos...also im out of 130pt cases...got a thread about that in the card shop...over 1/2 way done on the 06 Exquisite Base Set now :dance: still need some of the 'big' ones, but got several in this batch...