1 box of Prestige


Bench Warmer
It has probably been close to 6 months since my last box purchase. Yikes! Hopefully I can scan these tonight with some other stuff I received lately.

Paul Williams
David Harris
Steve Breaston
Johnnie Lee Higgins
Ahmad Bradshaw
Buster Davis
Adrian Peterson
Dwayne Bowe
Victor Abiamiri
Tim Crowder
Drew Stanton
Charles Johnson
Jon Abbate
Jamaal Anderson
Jarvis Moss
Brian Leonard
Chris Houston
AJ Davis
Calvin Johnson
Craig "Buster" Davis
Quentin Moses
Selvin Young
Rhema McKNight
Gary Russell

NFL Draft:
Drew Stanton

#'d RC's:
Buster Davis, 3/10
Aundrae Allison 43/100

Draft Picks:
Laurent Robinson 225/999
Aaron Ross, 336/999

Extra Points:
Phillip Rivers, not numbered???

Prestigious Pros:
Cadillac Williams, 35/500
Peyton Manning, 134/250

Stars of the NFL JERSEY:
Ben Roethlisberger:

Prestigious Pros JERSEY:
Larry Johnson, 2/50

Gridiron Heritage:
Randy Moss, not numbered

League Leaders:
Darrell Jackson, Plaxico Burress, not numbered

Super Bowl Heroes:
Marvin Harrison, not numbered
Nice break,I could use the Paul Williams Rc. SP.If you want to move it shoot me a PM.Im sure we can work a deal.
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