07 Press Pass SE Retail box bust



Stopped by Wally World tonite on the way home from the Kats game, and picked up a box of SE for the hey of it. No insert pack like there is in the Wal-Mart and Target versions of regular PP, but they do have exclusive green parallel autos. Of course I didn't pull one. This is a great looking set though, leaps and bounds above past years.

The pulls...

Gold Parallels
Marshawn Lynch
Dwayne Bowe
Kevin Kolb
John Beck
Dallas Baker
Sidney Rice
LaRon Landry

Insider Insight
Steve Smith
Michael Bush
Dwayne Jarrett
Leon Hall

Marquee Matchups
Kenny Irons/Kenneth Darby
Chris Leak/LaRon Landry

Class Of 2007
Brady Quinn

Nothing I needed, so if there's something you do, lemme know.