2 retail box breaks: both press pass


scuba steve

sorry to make you look, I got dicked on both, but what would you expect?
One was a target box, the other was SE

Chris Leak
Ginn/Gonzalez Teammates
Reggie Bush
Lawrence Timmons
Troy Smith

SE Gold:
Robert Meachem
Aundrae Allison
Dwayne Jarrett
Trent Edwards
Antonio Pittman
Paul Posluszny
Anthony Gonzalez

Primetime Players:
Dwayne Bowe

Power Pick:
Brady Quinn

Marquee Matchups:
Troy Smith/Drew Stanton
Marshawn Lynch/Zach Miller

Class of 07:

Insider Insight:
Aaron Ross
Marshawn Lynch
Jamaal Anderson
Sidney Rice
This is my least favorite time of the collecting year...new stuff is starting to come out and my dumb ass is forced to buy it because I'm curious. Each year I get a little better about not wasting as much money though..
Every year I buy a little Press Pass myself. I like the hard signed autos, college uni's and the lack of veteran players used as filler in the sets.

I have never bought a box of Prestige (can't say that about Topps Draft P&P), but generally the next product I enjoy is Elite.