WTTF bears/Hester,Olsen,Wolfe and more


Bench Warmer
interested in any bears RC,GU,#d or Auto.

Currently seeking previously listed players but also interested in Bears HOF, Urlacher, T. Harris, Berrian, Benson...some others too. NO GROSSMAN PLEASE

I'm new here but i'm a good egg. can give refs. if you ask
sandman43103 said:
I have a Berrian jersey in my bucket. Do you have any extra Berrian cards to trade?

didn't see the berrian jsy...i do have some extras that i could let go. mostly RCs, i have two RC GUs but they would be tough to get
Somehow, the cards was deleted from my bucket. Here's the details on the card:
2004 Playoff Hogg Heaven Rookie Premiere Hoggs Jersey 159 Bernard Berrian #12-750
TylerRules09 said:
I have a devin hester ticket stub.

if it's the topps tx, i have a couple...do you have anything else?

sandman, i may have the hogg heaven too, can i see a scan to make sure it's the same one? i'd be interested if it is different
like the hester ticket if its an extra, the steve smith auto and all your peterson rcs that are not press pass or sage. heres a list

2007 cedric benson ultra paydirt jsy
2007ultra feel the game grossman jsy
2005 bazooka Olin Kruetz jsy bv 10
2006 dusty dvoraceck contenders bv 25

Garrett wolffe
2007 press pass reflectors #ed 100 bv 24

Brian Urlacher

2002 fleer classic combos #1 #ed 2000 bv 5
2003 Leaf R&S great american heroes #ed1325 #gah-1 bv 5
2003 playoff hogg of fame #ed500 bv 8
2003 palyoff honors XS #ed 250 bv7.50
2003 rival hoggs with harrington #ed 500 bv $8
2005 elite face to face with ray lewis #ed500 bv3.50

2004 Legendary contenders #ed 750 #lc-3 bv 5
2004 Legendary contenders #ed 2000 #lc-3 bv 4
2004 leaf limited #116 #ed 799 bv 6
2004 donruss classics #115 #ed 2000 bv 2.50

2004 leaf limited #139 #ed 799 bv 6

2005 donruss elite back to the future with thomas jones #bf-10 #ed 1000 bv12
same card #ed 500 bv 15
2005 donruss legendary players L-28 #ed 1000 bv10
2004 donruss classics legendary players LP-22 #ed1000 bv12

2004 donruss classics timeless tributes #18 #ed 100 bv 7.50
2003 leaf R&S great american heroes #ed 1325 $8

2004 absolute team tandoms urlacher/anthony thomas #ed1000 bv 4
2005 donruss classics past &present payton/sayers #pp-3 #ed 500 bv 12

2005 Donruss classics Timeless triples Payton/sayers/dent #ed 1000 bv 12

2004 hogg heaven #Lq-5 grossman/urlacher/terrel/thomas bv 4