WTTF 2022 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary

NOne yet, haven't been able to find anymore blaster boxes to buy. Wal Mart sold out and haven't restocked any yet.
Yeah, we are in a drought here and can’t get anything except a smattering of 23 Topps S1 and S2. Have resorted to buy boxes from Topps.
I have these for you:
9, 15, 20,80,107,116,164,168,186,187,196,199,
If you post up a trade, I can get these shipped, just send a few cards that I might use for trade bait or any Reds cards
We have a Gunner Henderson rc from 23 Topps Chrome and Michael Harris xfractor rc from 23 Topps Chrome if either or both of those would work.
Got two more hobby lite boxes in today so getting closer to completing base set, and got a bunch more dupes available.