WTT/WTTF 2023 Topps Holiday

What is up with Walmart? All the local WM stores have given up stocking any sports cards altogether, nor any Pokemon or such as well. They just disappeared about a month ago. This year the pickings have been slim, but now, nothing. Must be the theft problems have just gotten too heavy.
Anyway, the 2023 Holiday set build is suffering as I have had to rely on trading plus the one box I did get online.
Any help appreciated. Thanks.
Hi Carlton,

I have an extra 57 - Betts - if you still need it.

I'd like to trade for the Metallic Betts. I have a Metallic Salvador Perez 59 I could send with the base Betts for it. Or I have these Mike Yaz
2020 Topps Big League #186
2021 Topps Fire Gold Minted #122
2021 Panini Contenders Optic #21
2022 Topps Gypsy Queen 76
2022 Donruss Optic Pink #115
2022 Prizm #53

Or let me know if there is any other set or insert needs you have in progress.
Yes, still need the base Betts. Finally getting close to finishing this base set off.
And double checked and confirmed I have the metallic Betts for you.
The '21 Fire M Yaz would be great.
I all ok with you then go ahead and post.