WTT Baseball Game Used/Autos


5.00 star(s)
Baseball Auto
05 Prestige Tim Olson auto
06 Topps 52 Rookie Card B.Slocum auto
06 UD Special Endorsements auto J.Van Benschoten
07 Topps Chrome Rookie auto refractor H.Gimenez
07 UD D.Vanden Hurk
04? UD Rookie Portfolio M.Gosling
07 Ultra J.Julio #499
04 Don. World series $1000 J.Harper
02 SP Auth. C.Booker #999
03 Don. Rookies D.Markwell
03 Don. Rookies M.Nicolas
03 Don. Rookies I.Ferguson
02 Topps auto A. Kearns

Baseball Game Used
04 Bazooka K.Hernandez Bat One-Liners
04 Bazooka A.Soriano 2 color jersey
04 Don. Studio Game Day Dual E.Byrnes
04 UD r-class jersey J.Bagwell
04 Don.Timber and Threads Bat Baldelli
04 Bow. Hert. Threads Greatness jersey w/stripe Olerud
02 Dueling Duos Yaz Bat with Perez
02 Topps Thru the Years jersey Yaz
01 Team Topps Legends Skowron auto(White Sox)
04 Topps Chrome E.Weaver auto
06 Artifacts Gold McGriff #150 jersey
05 Don. Studio Soriano Spirit of the Game #250
01 Topps T.Raines Jersey TTR-TR
03 Bazooka Piece Of Americana Gywnn Jersey
05 Sweet Spot Tom Seaver jersey
02 Topps Archives O.Cepeda jersey
01 UD Vintage J.Rudi Bat Timeless Teams
01 Spx Dual Winning Materials Griffey Jr./Casey
01 SP Leg. Cuts Bat B.Buckner
01 SP Leg. Bat S.Sax
01 SP Game Bat-Milestone Ed. F.Thomas Bat
05 UD Classic Seasons Bat G.Bell
04 Fleer Sweet Sigs Jersey Thome Jersey #125
07 Sweet Spot Classic Jersey K.Gibson
02 UD Sweet Spot D.Parker Bat
05 Pristine Leading Ind. Oliva Bat
05 Pristine Leading Ind. P.O'Neil
02 American Pie F.Robinson(Angels uni)
06 Clubhouse Coll. jersey Teixeira
05 Don. Studio Spitit of the Game Jersey Soriano #250
02 Piece of the Game K.Lofton #50
04 Topps Celebrity Threads H.Reynolds jersey
05 UD Post Season Perf. Jersey with stripe D.Strawberry
01 UD Heroes of Baseball Bat G.Matthews
01 SP Game Used Ed. jersey B.Larkin
08 Topps 2007 Highlights Jersey Fielder
04 Topps Jersey Ramirez
03 Ultra Moonshots Ramirez Jersey
03 Fleer Fall Classic R.Jackson jersey

I don't own a scanner
I collect old timers game used,current Phils Game Used,Favre Game Used,ect.. Thanks
tonyt1957-old timers game used,current Phils Game Used,Favre Game Used
andylarochefan015-sorry, no he is in a Giants uni.