Wtt Andrew Luck

here is what I have:
2012 Panini Contenders Rookie Stallions #9 Russell Wilson
2012 Topps Magic #181 Russell Wilson
2012 Topps Magic Mini #181 Russell Wilson
2012 Topps Strata Retail #29 Russell Wilson
Let me know which ones of these Lucks you have left, and see if there is anything in my bucket that you can use for them. I don't have any Russell Wilson, but hopefully there will be something in there you can use.
I have this coming in: It's a promo card

I got a few more lucks what ones you want for those two
I can't get enough Luck rookies,lmao.....but I don't think I have the panini in the upper right hand corner...I don't have the 2013 bowman's either...I wouldn't know of a bv on any promotional cards,I really don't even care about bv's unless it get's expensive...I'll tell you what, I have approx $7 bucks in them,that's all...so just propose what you might think is fair and I'm okay with it.(btw,they are being shipped to me today,so I won't actually have them for a few days). Have a great day...
The Topps Magic Mini Wilson is fine by me...and I would still be interested in the Bowman too...BTW,The Mendenhall GameDay Gear is available for our other trade...if you want to combine them into one trade,go ahead and post it up my friend