Bench Warmer
I got interviewed by the Kent and Auburn Reporter for my semi-pro team!!!! I've never been interviewed before! I gotta get as many copies of it as possible!!!! :cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers:
are they gonna print photos of your sexy bod????

that is cool that they interviewed you. hope you told them, the team got there based off of your good looks
WOO!!! You're a STAR!! :cool: Send a copy of that to Coach Holmgren!! :cheers:

Yeah, a copy (or at least a link) would be grand!


If I were to make it to Seahawks training camp, I would get b!tch slapped up and down the field. All I can think of is Lofa Tatupu or Julian Peterson coming on an inside blitz. I think I would need medical care.:lollol::lollol::lollol: