Hockey Who is going to win the Cup

I wish I could even form an educated guess, but it was tough enough for me to do with baseball. I wouldn't even venture a guess in hockey. I could count on 1 hand how many full hockey games I've watched in my life, even if I had 4 of my fingers on that hand cut off. :LOL:

Also, the only reason I watched that 1 game I watched was because we went to a game my senior year of high school on our senior trip. I do enjoy watching the fights and highlights on ESPN, though, if that counts for anything. Haha!
The way that the Red Wings are playing right now, it is pretty hard to count them out
Maybe it will be a Classic Red Wings vs Pens or Bruins Stanley Cup? I guess it also depends on how strongly the Kings do with their repeat attempt.
Pens vs Wings, and you know I'm always gonna pick the Wings to win it! Lol! The Wings 3rd line is on a roll!