Whats The NICEST CARD you ever bid on and lost


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Dennis Weathersby Score Final Score #'d /2. Before I started collecting him hard


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Mine was an '06 Lendale White Leaf Limited College Phenoms patch auto 1/1.........The patch was a huge chunck of the USC logo:(

I made an offer........then someone made an offer after me and it was lower.......seller sold it for 80 less then what I offered:ban:


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Since I collect former Alabama players, nice cards don't show up too often :doh:

Got outbid on an Ozzie Newsome NT Tag 1/1 that really pissed me off though. Sumabitch went for over $300 :doh:


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Tom Brady Contenders Champ. ticket:doh: should have went for it cause now the regulars are selling for what it did then:ban:
I am so kicking my own ass for selling all my Brady autos now:(
My Harleys are worth it though:D