Whats the most mail you've received in one day?


Bench Warmer
I use to have several P.O.boxes and only checked them once a week. I would have those grayish white plastic containers full of mail every now and then. But whats the most mail you've ever received at home?

My mail carrier was able to fit all of this in my home mailbox today:
Wow that beats me. I know once I got 10 pieces: 6 were bubble mailers and the other 4 were either PWEs, an envelope of somekind or one of those what I call UPS type mailers the thin cardboard ones that range from CD sized to the large document sized "envelopes". There might have been a small box or two. I think that 10 was my largest, I sort of think once I got 13 mostly PWEs but can't verify that one. I can't do much more than that because of my breadbox sized apartment mailbox that is the box with the key for the delivery person so the top part of my box has some extra frame-work (the lock and it's bracket supports) that sometimes envelopes get snagged on.

It has been a while since I've gotten multiples.:cry:
Wow! I've never gotten more than a few packages at a time. I'd say 3 at the most. I've definitely never had a stack of packages that looks like that, I'm sorry to say!
There at one time I was getting packages 4 at a time for 2 weeks straight between breaks and eBay. But my biggest had to be 12 in one day the postman honked the horn and just motioned for me to come out.Yea my wife hits the accounts to see how much her shopping spree will be lol
I think the most I've gotten was 6 packages,,,but this last one was just one,but it contained like 45 cards
Sorry this will be a long one:

To verify (and to contradict) whatever I said up above here is a recap of that 10 package mailday I had back two years ago (plus 6 days) Sorry no visuals:
On Thursday (16 Feb 2012) I had a ten package mail day, 3 or four were small envelopes but there were 10 in all. Most was from a huge sportlots order and auctions from there, one small box was from an Ebay purchase and one package was from a trade with a member at another card forum the sportscard one that isn't the freaky one. He sent 70 Orioles and Nationals cards that were unevenly leaning the O's way about 60/10. Now I've got to gather up some Red Sox to send his way. I'll post the contents from that package on my TCC Blog (link below in my sig somewhere) probably sometime later Friday evening. Anyway here is all the other stuff with the main attraction at the end.

For easier reading and awesomeness I have listed everything by sport/chronological order instead of package by package.

1955 Topps 129 Elvin Tappe Cubs
1968 Topps 181 Jerry Zimmerman Twins
1970 Kellogg's 14 David McNally Orioles
2005 Topps/Bowman Heritage Mahogany 38 Brian Schneider Nationals
2005 Topps Total 755 Mike Morse/Bobby Livingston Mariners
2005 Topps Total SILVER 755 Mike Morse/Bobby Livingston Mariners
2008 Topps Heritage 616 Brian Schneider Mets
2011 Topps Heritage
152 Jim Riggleman Nationals
167 Wilson Ramos Nationals

1960 Topps 128 Jim Schrader Redskins
1968 Topps 130 Alex Karras Lions
1969 Topps Mini Album Inserts
8 Los Angeles Rams - 9/10 stamps/cards missing Roman Gabriel
16 Washington Redskins 10/10 stamps/cards - Front cover is miscut/offcenter right edge has no white border
1970 Topps - some of these I already had
3 Verlon Briggs Jets
7 Gino Cappelletti Patriots
11 Ed Flanagan Lions
45 Mel Renfro Cowboys
63 Ron McDole Bills
73 John Hadl Chargers
91 Mike Howell Browns
92 Ken Gray Cardinals
107 Ray Mansfield Steelers
1971 Topps - again some I already had
21 Charlie Smith Raiders
36 Gene Hickerson Browns
46 Karl Kassulke Vikings
59 Don Horn Broncos
66 Marty Domres Chargers
74 Pat Fischer Redskins
126 Doug Buffone Bears
184 Norm Snead Vikings
230 Roman Gabriel Rams
And the Ebay BIGGY
1967 Stancraft Playing Cards Deck Dallas Cowboys complete in box with both jokers open but looks brand spankin new. Got it for just $4.99 plus $2.50 shipping. My Stancraft Team Deck Collection is now 6/16 complete. To see what I have click for my blog.

Hey I actually did make a blog entry over at TCC on those NatOs Cards. From an entry posted 18 Feb 2012:

So here is the trade stuff I got Thursday (16 Feb) from the SCF member who lives in Germany. (Now I've got to send a lot of Red Sox his way). Some of them I already had some maybe had come from him the last time we traded. This list has 70/71 cards so it will be long and a bit messy maybe forgive any mistakes. As I said before there were more O's about 90% so I will only mention the team on the Nats cards.

OK here we go:
1989 Fleer Sticker NNO B'more O's Team Logo
1989 Topps 352 Rick Schu
1990 Donruss 451 Bob Melvin
1991 Bowman:
104 Cal Ripken
106 Jeff Tackett
1993 UD 312 Alan Mills
1995 Fleer Flair:
7 Mike Oquist
8 Arthur Rhodes
1995 (96?) Fleer Ultra:
2 Brady Anderson
4 Scott Erickson
7 Doug Jones
1996 Score:
86 Jeffrey Hammonds
236 Mark Smith RC
1996 Pinnacle Summit:
35 B.J. Surhoff
195 Jimmy Hayes RC
1997 Fleer Ultra 5 Chris Hoiles
1997 Topps Finest "Blue Chips" 4 Rocky Coppinger (2 both for trade both still have that protective plastic film you are "supposed" to remove - Never liked that concept)
2000 Fleer Tradition Update: (think all of these are at least dupes, maybe a few trupes)
U2 (card number not the band) Cal Ripken Jr. Season Highlights 3000th hit
U33 Willie Morales
U65 O's Team Rookies Jessie Garcia and B.J. Ryan
U104 Luis Matos
U143 O's Team Rookies John Parrish and Chris Richard
2000 Upper Deck Gold Reserve:
52 Albert Belle
53 Jerry Hairston Jr. (cool picture for this card)
54 Sidney Ponson
55 Cal Ripken Jr.
57 B.J. Surhoff
59 Mike Bordick
2004 MLB Showdown Game Cards
41 Rafael Palmeiro
42 Melvin Mora
70 Miguel Tejada
2005 MLB Showdown Game Cards
35 Jerry Hairston
39 Rafael Palmeiro (same picture as 2004 but stats have some minor changes)
40 Brian Roberts
92 Jose Vidro - Nationals
2008 UD Masterpieces:
09 Brooks Robinson
10 Nick Markakis
92 Cal Ripken Jr.
2009 Sweet Spot:
10 Brian Roberts
81 Nick Markakis
2010 Topps National Chicle Diamond Stars:
073 Nick Markakis
083 Brian Roberts
090 Miguel Tejada
211 Jim Palmer
219 Eddie Murray
2010 Upper Deck Series 1
05 Brian Matusz Star Rookie RC
06 Ian Desmond Star Rookie RC Nationals
48 Dug Slaten Nationals
75 Luke Scott
77 Felix Pie
78 Lou Montanez
80 Cesar Izturis
81 Robert Andino
83 Koji Uehara
86 Chris Ray
529 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
540 Jason Bergmann Nationals
543 Ballparks Baltimore, Maryland Camden Yards (Love these Ballpark cards need to get the rest)
570 Ballparks Washington, District of Columbia Nationals Park
2010 Upper Deck Series 1 Gold Parallel 600 Nationals Team Checklist Ryan Zimmerman and Adam Dunn
2011 Topps:
368 Brian Broderick (no relation to Matthew) Nationals
636 Chris Tillman
2011 Topps 1975 Mini 174 Adam Jones
2011 Topps Lineage:
013 Cal Ripken Jr.
061 Zack Britton
074 Brooks Robinson
132 Nick Markakis
174 Adam Jones
194 Cal Ripken Jr. AS-Rookie Cup
2011 Topps Lineage Diamond Anniversary Parallel 192 Frank Robinson (Will trade for regular base of this card)
Oh in case you were wondering YES I did eventually send him some Red Sox cards about a week later. I made a total of two trades with that guy. Both trades were the cool "Hey I've got some Nationals cards to send you, do you have some Red Sox?" type of trade. Much easier to do than the "My 6 GU cards are valued at over $500, but all you have is $102 worth of Base cards?" type that some people get all hung up on.
not sure the most ive gotten at one time, but my mail ladies are real good about coming to the door for stuff...

I know the biggest outgoing mail I had was over 50 bubbles....

and I have had the trifecta a couple times, UPS, FEDEX, and USPS all coming to the door in the same day...

and I have had the mail lady leave one of those tubs on the porch, but it was 5 text books...gotta love books that are half the price of the book store that are on eBay, plus I had a class that had 8 books