What the heck???


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This isn't card related but come on!!

Trying to find a Sidekick 1 or 2 for my brothers girlfriend that is unlocked. A million of them on ebay, mostly with zero feedback sellers and then they have 24 bids most of which are from zero feedbackers too. She really wants a 2 and so i'm a bit limited in trying to find one for her because they dont' sell them at any of the cellular phone stores up here but they will work up here as long as they are unlocked. (She goes through phones like most people change shoes)

This is killing me. Anyone know anyone that is selling one that works and is unlocked? LMK if you do, while i continue my quest in finding her a phone.
cell phone sidekick

unlocked means that you can just plug in a different sim card and all your info is there. found a few that were locked but if you aren't able to unlock them you cant take them to a different cell company. we don't have sprint or cingular or at&t, just some yuppie local cell companies (2)