What rookie or rookies are you collecting this year???


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Ex-USC players here......if it wasn't already obvious.......gonna go after Jarrett a little harder then the rest though.....especially since I pulled that Letter auto for my B-Day:D

Who and why are you collecting the rookie or rookies you are collecting this year?


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A little bit of Ken Darby, just for the hell of it. Don't think he'll make it in the league very long, but liked him as a player. Slowly plodding along, but getting a few decent cards of his.


I saw my guy Pierre Thomas actually made the Saints' 53-man roster. I'll have to pick up whatever cards of his may surface. He's one that shouldn't cost much at all.


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Kenny Irons, David Irons, Courtney Taylor, Ben Grubbs so far(Auburn).

Now that Will Herring has made the Seahawks 53-man, I hope he has at least one RC released (and I hope SeahawkLady doesn't scoop them all up:D)