Hockey What is your favorite hockey team?


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I don't watch much hockey at all. In fact, I don't even watch it much during the playoffs. If I had to pick just 1 team to root for, though, it would be the Dallas Stars.

What's your favorite hockey team?
Detroit Red Wings. Seen them live three times too. Thats pretty good for a fan from this far away (once at the Joe and two during the NHL season openers in Stockholm, Sweden) kinda random why, I got a super nintendo video game, and when picking teams I kinda just picked Detroit again and again :p

I also follow the Caps, Isles and Avs.. because of Ovechkin, Tavares and Landeskog respectively :)
I am not big into hockey but I am a casual follower of Nashville, because they are local and the fact that they have been getting better over the past couple pf years has added to the excitement.
Coyotes had nothing to lose. They are being bought out by another NHL owner. I think Nashville was intimidated to some extent and sitting Radulov and Kostisyn for 2 straight games didn't help any. They'll be back at it next year. Got some good rookies in the system and hopefully we can make some trade moves to help the offense a bit more. Plus having Gill out for the majority of playoffs didn't help either.
I was born and raised in Los Angeles so I grew up following the Kings. Then I moved to Michigan for a few years and really got into the Red Wings. I still follow the Kings but my heart is with the Red Wings.

Went to games at the old Madison Square Garden with my Dad in the late 50's. I can't remember not being a Ranger fan.

I came into the game late. I understood the rules and regulations at the beginning of the playoffs this year. But, that meant I can watch the game with an objective eye. I was rooting for the Devils because I was surrounded by Rangers fans. But the team that impressed me the most were the Capitals. They had really good puck control, but they just couldn't score. That game was 5 seconds too long.