What is your favorite baseball team?


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I, personally, am not a huge baseball fan, but I do usually watch the post-season and I do have a few teams that I root for. Growing up, my family was big baseball fans and, more importantly, Texas Ranger fans. So, as you might guess, I too am a Texas Rangers fan. So, what's your favorite baseball team?
I used to be a Boston Red Sox fan, back when they won the World Series in 2004. About the Summer of 2005 I really started watching the Tigers, since they were on TV more in my area, and I became hooked. I'm now a die-hard Tigers fan, and go to a fair amount of their games each year.
I am also a big Tigers fan, and go to usually two or three games a year. I was always a big fan of Jack Morris, and now my current favorite player is Rick Porcello.
I am HUGE Cincinnati Reds fan. Just went to their caravan this weekend and got a Brandon Phillips auto on a ball along with a Lee May auto on an 8x10. Recieved a call today that I won tickets to opening night so, obviously, can not wait for the season to start!!
I'm a St. Louis Cardinals fan. I used to like Pujols before he got greedy and left St. Louis. Now I'm looking at the young guys like Jon Jay and Allen Craig to bring home another World Series. Also, I've been collecting Stan Musial off and on for a couple of years.
It was the Florida Marlins, but now it's the Miami Marlins! No cracks about the uniforms though...they are kinda embarrassing. The all black one is nice though.
I've been an Orioles fan since I was a kid in the late 50's. I don't follow them (or MLB in general) from day to day like I used to.