What CAN YOU DO on this site?


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Now that people are more familiar with this site and setup (even though not completed, most of the user end stuff is how it will be), have you learned all their is to know? Post what you know.....

For example, did you know....

*You can add people to your buddy list and set it so only their PMs and messages get through? That you can check and see if your buddies are online?

*You can subscribe to threads, so instead of remembering to go back somewhere just go to your user CP and see if their are any responses?

Things like that. What have you learned to do?
I have learned about the +'s next to people's names. Searching is faster. The pic button is not as intuitive but if used right is faster. I like how I can navigate to private forums via the drop down.

I think we need a spell check.
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I don't know what link I pushed or what private group I joined but somehow I can make time disappear while on here. Lets say I log on at 8:00. I start reading a few things and a minute later its 10:00.

Other than that I'm with Andy on the "+" thing.
I'll post it again, I just noticed (this morning now) that to the LEFT of a topic, where the 'circle' is that lights up orange when new posts are within, IF the circle has a little baby circle, that means you have posted on that thread! Also, if you mouse over it, it will say how many times and when the last post you made was :clap:
I just found out that to underline, bold or italicize a section, you can use the shortcut keys of cntrl+U, cntrl+b, etc. Only problem is you have to still hit "end" or click outside the brackets when you then want to then continue w/o the font effect. I still like it, though, as I'm used to using shortcut keys when typing.