What a weekend for a set collector


retired hippie
Put a nice dent in the 99 SP Signature set

Mercury Morris won on E-Bay started things off right

then same day i pick up these 8 in a lot for 14.17 less than $2 each
Chris Calloway
Lamont Jordon (dupe)
Lee Roy Selmon (hof)
Lamont Warren
Mario Bates
Michael Sinclair
Maa Tanuvasa
Sean Dawkins

after that I worked a trade for these 4

Archie Manning
Bill Berger
Michael Sinclair
Darrick Holmes

Then another trade for these 2

Charlie Taylor
Brian Mitchell

And to top off the weekend I just won a sweet
John Stallworth

Can't wait for next weeks mail
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Congrats Bud :cheers: You've made a ton of progress this weekend, maybe you'll get around to finishing that set sooner than you think:salut: