Went to the Predators rally tonight


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Went to the Predators rally tonight, pics added

Great crowd estimated at 7 to 8,000. Got to see our new jerseys for the season, very cool looking. A few of the players were there, got no auto's :(.

I did pick up 2 player used items :cheers:, got a pair of gloves belonging to Kimmo Timonen & a very nice used Easton Hockey stick of Vern Fiddler, pic's later.

There is now a local group trying to purchase the team & with a bit of luck they will be staying in town.


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wow i thought our local team was the only one that did auction type stuff for the team.

hope they manage to stay in town cause nothing sucks worse than losing a team because of money
heyyyyyy those aren't signed!!!!!!

after paying for them they should at least come with an auto

I'm wearing a $700 game worn jersey of a guy who is playing in Germany, at I got it auto'd. Can't tell now cause it was from several years ago, but it was at least signed.