Week 8 Winner is peaceandlove! SCC 2023-24 NFL Pick the Winners Contest - Week 8

Great week for a lot of people! But two members are tied at 12 wins and have different picks for the MNF game so this will be a fun winner take all to see who wins the week!

@kclj520 has Las Vegas winning and @peaceandlove has Detroit winning.

Good luck to you both!!!

Oh goodness, I didn't watch a single game this weekend! @peaceandlove , best of luck, friend!


Here are the standings after Week 8:

1st @rtsjr 79
2nd @OldNewRips 78
3rd @Mechjo16 77
T-4th @grapler135s 76
T-4th @smithbrian524 76
T-6th @bdink25 75
T-6th @thedaws 75
T-6th @kpit1978 75
T-9th @dlackey 73
T-9th @LarryG 73
T-11th @HabsFan6 71
T-11th @mcgwirenut 71
T-13th @cornwellfamily 70
T-13th @PAVI39 70
T-15th @David K. 69
T-15th @zlw1 69
T-17th @Waltdii 66
T-17th @NateisMe123 66
T-19th @bfd13 65
T-19th @BarJack34 65
T-21st @dubby25 63
T-21st @dad3309@ 63
T-23rd @Criollos 58
T-23rd @kclj520 58
25th @rubypup 57
26th @AndyDrummond 52
27th @Molitor04x 46
28th @Jebohm88 44
29th @peaceandlove 39
30th @Bobbyd9179 38
T-31st @DaSoxFan 36
T-31st @ejvh 36
33rd @franklinguy52 32
34th @Brendan1987 27
35th @dragonslayer913 17
36th @SoccerDude2 8
37th @jefflerner 7
I try. Use betmgm since gambling is legal here. I've made about $800 this year and started off with $100. Always get my bets ruin by crap like the chiefs this weekend, the Cowboys vs Cardinals, browns vs 49ers, etc. I really like doing parlays. Lol

The sportsbooks have gotten HUGE in recent years, no doubt about it! Once in awhile there are some big surprises though, aren't there? Taylor and Travis were the big NFL storyline to start the season, nobody was good yet!!