Week 2 Winner is LarryG!!! NFL Pick The Winners Contest- Week 2

Looks like Larry is in the lead with 10 wins heading in to the MNF games! Brendan has 9 wins and a few others have 8 wins. Tough week that’s for sure! I’ll update the thread and the leaderboard after tonight’s games.

Congrats to @LarryG Larry for winning week 2 of the NFL Pick the Winners Contest. Larry had 11 wins! Shout out to @bfd13, @Brendan1987, and @keedee007 for each picking 10 winners too in a tough week!

Larry please let me know if you would like the Prestige blaster box or $10 group break credit for your prize.

Here is the leader board after 2 weeks. The week 3 contest will be posted soon so be sure to get your picks in before Thursday’s game if you would like to play.

Leaderboard After Week 2:
@LarryG 21 wins
@dad3309@ 20 wins
@grapler135s 19 wins
@Brendan1987 19 wins
@Steelers8873 17 wins
@dragonslayer913 17 wins
@kpit1978 16 wins
@PAVI39 16 wins
@bdink25 16 wins
@bfd13 16 wins
@OldNewRips 15 wins
@Criollos 15 wins
@RockysCardboard 15 wins
@DaSoxFan 14 wins
@dubby25 14 wins
@zlw1 13 wins
@AndyDrummond 13 wins
@gwynn_fan 10 wins
@keedee007 10 wins
@Steelers6 8 wins
@captkirk42 8 wins
@kclj520 8 wins
@mcgwirenut 7 wins
@Therion 6 wins
@rubypup 6 wins