Week 1 Winner is OldNewRips! SCC 2023-24 NFL Pick the Winners Contest - Week 1

Thursday September 7th, 2023
Kansas City Chiefs

Sunday September 10th, 2023

Atlanta Falcons
Baltimore Ravens
Cleveland Browns
Jacksonville Jaguars
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tennessee Titans
San Francisco 49ers
Washington Commanders
Chicago Bears
Denver Broncos
Miami Dolphins
Philadelphia Eagles
Seattle Seahawks
New York Giants

Monday September 11th, 2023
New York Jets
Okay looks like we will need to use our MNF score prediction tie breaker to determine our week 1 winner!

@dlackey and @OldNewRips are tied for the lead with 10 wins each and both have picked the New York Jets to win tonight. If you could both please send me a PM with your MNF score prediction that would be great.

But wait, there’s more!!! Haha

If Buffalo wins the game there are a few people who are sitting on 9 wins that would move them up to 10 wins and in a tie for the week 1 lead!

So @David K. and @bfd13 please PM me your MNF score predictions as well.

Closest member to the total number of MNF points scored will be our winner! Example, if the MNF score is 14-7 (21 total points) and member A picks the score to be 28-14 (42 total points) and member B picks the score to be 35-21 (56 total points), member A would be our winner.
A pretty good first Monday Night Football game of the season! Jets win it in overtime 22-16!

Here were the tie breaker score predictions from our two leaders who picked the Jets to win.

OldNewRips Jets 24 - Bills 21
dlackey Jets 27 - Bills 21

@OldNewRips was closest to the final score so you are the Week 1 contest winner with 11 wins congratulations Lance! Please let me know if you would like $5 group break credit or the Flacco Relic card as your prize.

And congrats to @dlackey for also having 11 wins in Week 1!

I’ll post the Week 2 contest tomorrow.
Here are the standings after Week 1:

T-1st @OldNewRips 11
T-1st @dlackey 11
T-3rd @Molitor04x 10
T-3rd @NateisMe123 10
T-5th @grapler135s 9
T-5th @David K. 9
T-5th @bfd13 9
T-5th @mcgwirenut 9
T-5th @BarJack34 9
T-5th @rubypup 9
T-11th @HabsFan6 8
T-11th @dubby25 8
T-11th @smithbrian524 8
T-11th @cornwellfamily 8
T-11th @zlw1 8
T-11th @kpit1978 8
T-11th @AndyDrummond 8
T-18th @Mechjo16 7
T-18th @thedaws 7
T-18th @LarryG 7
T-18th @PAVI39 7
T-18th @Waltdii 7
T-18th @jefflerner 7
24th @franklinguy52 6
T-25th @bdink25 5
T-25th @rtsjr 5
T-25th @Criollos 5