WANTED: PS2 MVP Baseball 2005 !!


Bench Warmer
Must be in GREAT condition!!

I will trade my MLB 2007 The Show for it!! But as I said, it must be in GREAT condition = NO SCRATCHES!

oglesbyc said:
i have it but mine has a few small scratches but still works fine


I'll trade for it provided it works fine when I get it. I LOVE my game but for some reason it won't load anymore. I think I wore it out lol

I've tried other games in my PS2 and they all work fine.

On my out to a buddies for "Thirsty Thursday" lol and some college football. I'll make a decision and get back to you ....that is if you're interested in the 07 The Show.

i also have mvp ncaa baseball 06 if you would rather have that one? if not mvp is acctually in the playstation right now was palying it the other day i will get back to you on it

oglesbyc said:
rz11 lmk if you still want to do the mvp baseball 2005 for the mlb 2007 the show


It works 100%, no problems?

I'm just making sure because mine died on me...I mean DEAD!! I tried 6-7 other games including the MLB Show 07 and they all work great, so it's not my system.

I just think that I played MVP 05 so much that I either wore it out or maybe scratched it while cleaning it once time or another.

If you're sure that it has no loading problems at all and doesn't freeze up then I will trade you my practically brand new (played 3 times) MLB The Show 07 for your MVP 05 Baseball.

If you agree please start the trade up and I will confirm. I agree to send you MLB first if you like. You're a mod so I'm sure you won't make off with my game :) lol You can send MVP once you've recieved.