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and read some of the topics... Don't see your question? Post it here and we'll find an answer. We can also update/add to/modify the FAQ!! We want to make it meet your needs! :D :salut:
you know, i just took a quick gander through the usergroup options, and we can set your ability to edit threads, but it does not specifically mention the title... We'll have to get back to you on that.
I probably just need help, but I cant get my :cheers: smilie? Is there a code I need now, as this is my fave smilie. Id recommend it on the list of smilies on the sidebar if possible.
Yes that's what I am saying, it doesn't allow that as is.

If you click on EDIT on the 1st post of a thread you started...look for a "GO ADVANCED" button near the bottom of your text window. If you have that button, click on it and you should be able to edit the title.

Only problem is it might not appear for a non-mod user.