Vintage freebies from Welker83


Bench Warmer
I found something else in the mail today! A freebie pack from Justin Wanamaker (Welker83)


All four are Vanderbilt players and I don't have a single one of these! Many thanks! I knew you had to dig for quite a while to find four Commodore players.
Great cards man! Love Toomay's hair, Asher's mustache, and Wade's winning smile :cheers:

Asher looks like he's pushing one out ... They all look like they could have starred in a 70's porn flick - Except wade, he's just too cool. He actually lives here in Nashville. I'm thinking about amassing this huge Wade collection and then stopping by his house for a chat. You think I'd freak the old man out?
awsome glad you got them got the wade from my shp and found the others after our group went by Glad you need them. :cheers: