Vintage Baseball Sets. 1980-1985/86. Topps/Traded, Donruss, Fleer....


Bench Warmer
Hello Everyone,

I am currently selling (on consignment) sets of Baseball cards.

The person I am selling them for purchased 2 sets (sealed) of each of these products for his daughters and stored them away.

There are TWO of each, and they are sealed.

He said he has 2 of everything from 1980-1985/86. Fleer, Topps, Topps Traded, Donruss, Bowman, Sportsflics and maybe something else.

I am taking offers on these sets. Paypal, Money Orders, or Cash will be accepted as forms of payment.

If interested please post or PM me. I can possibly get pictures posted of these within a few days.

Please let me know if there are any questions.

Thank you,
I asked him if he thought he had any Tiffany but he said no.

He said he does have Traded sets though.

He is calling me tonight to give me a fully detailed list. He said he has some singles also.

I might be able to give pretty good deals on the two 82 Topps Traded sets, I think those are the two best that he has.

He also has the 85 sets with Clemens and McGwire RCs (and Puckett).

84 has Mattingly RC, 83 has Ryno and others.

These are some real nice sets for key rookies. Plus it is very hard to find sealed sets.

LMK if you have any further questions.

Thank you,
Not exactly sure on the Traded sets, but I am sure I could do under $100 on each.

I have to ask him what he wants to be sure he gets on them, so if he wants less I can sell them for less.

Do you want me to hold one of those sets for you until I ask him what he wants?