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Today we're pleased to announce that Vault Card Club has decided to join SCU. With this agreement, our members will have a chance to be some of the first to hear about promotions and group breaks hosted by the Vault!

From our forum list, you'll notice the addition of three new forums, dedicated solely to Vault Card Club:

Vault Promotions: Find out about different promotions Vault Card Club is having, directly from the Vault itself!

Vault Group Breaks: Be some of the first to find out about Vault Card Club's own group breaks!

Vault Box Show & Tell: Post videos, photos, and reviews of your own Vault Box!


About Vault Card Club

For those of you who don't know what Vault Card Club is, it is a monthly sports card subscription service that brings you multiple packs of baseball, basketball, and/or football cards to your doorstep every month. Vault Card Club offers different pricing tiers, including classic, experience, deluxe, and hi-rollers. Their boxes can also be purchased as a one-time purchase for those who don't want a box every month.

Vault Packs

If you prefer you can opt to have one of your hobby packs swapped out for a Vault pack of hits. You can let them know what team you collect and they try their best to ensure that you have hits in your Vault pack matching your request. You can also let them know what packs or brands you don't want to see and they try to make sure those don't end up in your box. They really will do their best to make sure your Vault Box is personalized just how you want it.

Golden Tickets

With each box you also have a chance to pull a Golden Ticket, which can be redeemed for some pretty sweet prizes, including cards, hobby boxes, and even autographed memorabilia! Click here for more information about their Golden Ticket cards, including available prizes.

Here is a video of one of the Vault Box Breaks, including a Golden Ticket pull.

Vault Store

It's also worth mentioning that is also home to the Vault Store, which is stocked with over 1,200 PSA and BGS graded cards for all price ranges. The store includes modern cards, as well as vintage.
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