Vandy hosting Regional!


Bench Warmer
Well... I'm totally stoked that we won both the SEC Championship and SEC Tournament! BUT I missed out on tickets for the Regional (they sold out in a matter of hours)... I found 2 on ebay this morning BIN, but by the time I went back to buy them they were gone... I've made it to almost every home game and I feel bad not to make it to the regionals ... Not sure what i'm going to do.
Yeah I'm stoked too!! Been a Vandy fan all of life. Me and my dad were also able to get tickets for the Regions so I can't wait. It sucks you missed out on them though. :(
No, Mike Minor. Price went Friday night and had 17 k's!!! Are you collecting him b/c you outbid me on one of his cards haha!!! ;)