Baseball USA Olympic Baseball Roster Announced!

Johan Santana #57

Bench Warmer
Here is the 2008 USA Olympic roster. I wonder how they are going to fare. They are comprised of college players or minor leaguers without Major League experience. There are some very good players in this bunch including Brett Anderson, Laporta, Cahill, Rasmus, and Weathers. I think they have a good shot to go pretty far in this, but other teams have much more experienced players.

Anderson, Brett P L/L 6-4 215 Midland, TX
Arrieta, Jake P R/R 6-4 225 Texas Christian U Farmington, MO
Barden, Brian IF R/R 5-11 185 Oregon State Templeton, CA
Brown, Matthew IF R/R 6-0 200 Bellevue, WA
Cahill, Trevor P R/R 6-3 195 Oceanside, CA
Donald, Jason IF R/R 6-1 190 Arizona Fresno, CA
Espineli, Geno P L/L 6-4 195 Texas, TCU Houston, TX
Fowler, Dexter OF S/R 6-4 175 Atlanta, GA
Gall, John OF R/R 6-0 195 Stanford Stanford, CA
Hessman, Mike IF R/R 6-5 215 Fountain Valley, CA
Jepsen, Kevin P R/R 6-3 215 Anaheim, CA
Knight, Brandon P L/R 6-0 195 Ventura JC, CA Oxnard, CA
Koplove, Mike P R/R 6-0 160 Delaware Philadelphia, PA
LaPorta, Matt OF R/R 6-2 210 Florida Port Charlotte, FL
Marson, Lou C R/R 6-1 200 Scottsdale, AZ
Neal, Blaine P L/R 6-5 240 Marlton, NJ
Rasmus, Colby OF L/L 6-2 195 Columbus, GA
Richard, Clayton P L/L 6-5 240 Michigan Lafayette, IN
Stevens, Jeff P R/R 6-2 205 Loyola Marymount Berkeley, CA
Strasburg, Stephen P R/R 6-5 215 San Diego State San Diego, CA
Teagarden, Taylor C R/R 6-1 200 Texas Dallas, TX
Tiffee, Terry IF S/R 6-3 215 Pratt CC, KS North Little Rock, AR
Weathers, Casey P R/R 6-1 200 Vanderbilt Elk Grove, CA