Upper Deck making an effor to buy Topps

wow, is UD trying to get everyone? My only question would be, how will that affect Topps products. For the most part (Paradung excluded) I really like Topps Products as they are...
(#1) "Upper Deck had originally expressed interest during a 40-day "go shop" period that ended April 14. It has now submitted a new "highly confident" letter from an unnamed commercial bank. Topps said it had been concerned about Upper Deck's ability to finance the deal, as well as its insistence on limiting its liability if antitrust regu5lators do not approve the deal."

The A.P. can't spell.

(#2) It isn't a Monopoly if the MLBAA offers another company a card-making liscence (I can't spell, either).

(#3) Would the new Topps-UD be limited in the products it could make; just like a single company now?
I don't see why it would not go through if the financing is there. UD already has a monopoly on the sport of hockey.

I would dread UD buying Topps, as I feel there are alot of things Topps excels at that UD would be quick to destroy. But I guess there are two mindsets to this business decision. Either do your business better than your competition and give people no incentive to go elsewhere, or eliminate your competition via mergers and give buyers no alternative but your services.

The lack of competition is definitely bad for the consumer.