Ud Redemption Mail


Bench Warmer
So ... Has anyone else received a single toploader inside a bubble-mailer that was about the size of your house? This thing had to be 2 feet x 4 feet or something like that. It was the biggest bubblemailer I've ever seen.


I was dissapointed that the Washington wasn't a patch auto... I thought it was :(

The exquisite quad also sucked because I remembered that I bought the redemption for $200 via Buy it now OBO that the guy had put at $1000. It was when it first came out and now these can be had for around $100. So that sucked too. I guess I'll just hope that Vernon Davis sets the TE record in a matchup against Dallas and Vick leads the Falcons to the Superbowl against the Ravens. Then maybe i'll get my $200 bucks back. :eek:
Yeah, I got one of those last week & posted it the day CP went down, a couple of others posted they got them also. I was hoping they were sending me a freebie of somekind.