Trying to complete my 94-95 Emotion Set! Help!


Bench Warmer
Hi! Really want to complete my 1994-95 Skybox Emotion set. Here's what I need:

1994-95 Emotion 11 B.J. Armstrong
1994-95 Emotion 33 Clifford Rozier
1994-95 Emotion N-Tense N9 David Robinson
1994-95 Emotion N-Tense N10 Glenn Robinson
1994-95 Emotion X-Cited X8 Dan Majerle
1994-95 Emotion X-Cited X12 Wesley Person
1994-95 Emotion X-Cited X15 Mitch Richmond
1994-95 Emotion X-Cited X18 John Stockton

Anyone got any of these please PM me. If you have enough to help me complete a set I'm willing to trade using my autos or GU :) Cheers!
I dont have any of those, BUT man I miss that set....the photography was SWEET and overall its just a great set that you dont see ANYTHING resembling it in today cards..... not too flashy but it was a GREAT product
I agree! I was digging up my old cards and noticed that I have almost this entire set. That's why I'm trying to get the remaining cards. Sweet Marvin dual GU collection you got there :)