True collectors look here! Easy 2 Deal With!


Bench Warmer
True collectors look here... Easy To deal With


I have over 3,500 cards listed and just looking to get some deals done.. I am not looking for any big ticket items just players i like and also trying to pick up trade bait for others... I am looking for any and everything if i have something you want please send me your trade list Im sure i can find something to get a deal done.. I dont mind trading gameused and autos for inserts as long as i need them.. Thanks for your time and may we build our feedback together...

Also am taking any Brett Favre 420 Chrome even refractors
thanks again
Got quite a few trades done on this one if i missed you please pm me and im sure we will probbably be able to get something done.... Thanks for your time and remember it is always a pleasure trading with everyone!