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I know I've been rather inactive on the site the last several days, but I can assure you it's not for lack of interest. What I've been spending most of my "internet time" doing is working on the latest version of the Transaction Manager. It's not nearly as close to being ready as I would like, but it is getting there. I just wanted to share with y'all, some of the small changes that are being made (at least the ones that are finished now).

I'll post some of the updates throughout this thread, with the first few updates coming up shortly.
First of all, I thought the actual 'Transaction Manager' page could use some work. Sure, it worked fine, but it was just a little bit too clunky for me. I think this makes it easier to browse. Notice how you can now filter your transactions by "awaiting confirmation" and "awaiting feedback". That doesn't necessarily mean steps are required by you, but just that those steps are required. The plan will be to automatically cancel all transactions that are "awaiting confirmation" after 1 week. Also, steps will be taken to automatically either cancel, or complete, all transactions that are "awaiting feedback" after 6 weeks. If neither member has left feedback, the transaction will be cancelled. If one member has already left feedback, it will simply be completed as is. Finally, all transactions will be completely removed from the system after 1 year. Don't worry, you won't lose your feedback score for that transaction. ;)

Here's a look at the new 'Transaction Manager' page.

One of the biggest changes that the team agreed was necessary was to get away from creating forum threads for transactions. We just didn't feel like they were necessary. Once the transaction is complete, the thread is basically useless anyways so we thought why have it in the first place. Besides that, forum threads are supposed to be for discussions. So, we completely did away with them and built a new 'Transaction View' page. Just like the thread, this page will contain information about what each member will receive as well as provide buttons that you can use to perform actions on those transactions, if needed. Note that, once confirmed, there will also be a 'Add Feedback' button for each member to add feedback to their transactions.

Here's a look at the new 'Transaction View' page.

Here's the final showing for today. We definitely had to have a way for members to check other member's feedback history, especially if they're looking to trade with each other. However, it could be a bit difficult to find with the current way of viewing old feedback. So, we created a tab in the member's profiles to display their feedback history. Notice, though, that it will only show the feedback history from the last year. While none of those older feedback are removed, and will still be searchable, we thought it just made more sense to only show a limited feedback history. The reason for this is just to give bad traders, turned good, a chance to redeem themselves. It also makes it easier to spot good traders, turned bad. Notice how the new system will keep track of your feedback as a buyer, seller, and trader separately.

Here is a look at the new 'Member View' page.

There won't be an image for this, but I thought I'd let you all know about another nice little update. With the new Transaction Manager, you won't be getting any more PMs about your transactions. Instead, you will only get an alert which will link you to your transaction.

You will get alerts when someone creates a new transaction with you, when someone confirms a transaction you created with them, and when a member leaves a feedback for you.

Also, if a transactions is cancelled all associated alerts will also be removed.
The Transaction Manager updates have been applied. If you notice ANY problems with your feedback, or any of your transactions, please contact me as soon as possible so we can get it taken care of.
Geeze, it looks like I need to update the screenshots here. I've been meaning to do this for a while, and will get around to it as soon as possible. In the meantime, though, I have been working on a few updates to the Transaction Manager.

The first major change is that members can now submit their addresses into their profiles. Once added, your address will show up on your transaction page to your trading partner. Don't worry, your address will ONLY show up to members involved in the transaction, and team members.

Another change is the ability to add tracking to your transactions. If added, it will add a link to show the tracking info. Again, this information is only available to members of the transaction, and team members. All you need to do is add your tracking number and our system will attempt to automatically determine what shipping carrier you are using and show that as well. If you notice the carrier showing up as "Unknown", please let me know so I can look into it and possibly add an identifier for that tracking number.

We're always looking for ways to make our Transaction Manager more user friendly so, just like anything else on the site, if you have any suggestions on how to make it better please contact a team member so we can discuss it and, hopefully, get it implemented.
I've added a link that you can click to track your package if your transaction partner has added tracking info. Please note that, as of now, this will only work if the shipping carrier is USPS, but I'll be updating to add the others soon.

Again, if you notice that the carrier is listed as "Unknown", or if the carrier is wrong, please PM me the tracking number and the correct carrier so I can try to get it fixed.
Just wanted to let everyone know that a bug was found, and fixed, in the Transaction Manager. If you were browsing a member's feedback, the "As Buyer" and "As Seller" tabs the feedback listings may have been wrong. The feedbacks were correct, but some were shown in the wrong tab. I believe the problem has been corrected and all incorrect data should have been fixed. If you notice any of your transactions that appear to be listed in the wrong tab let me know and I'll get it fixed. It's not really a big problem and none of the feedback scores were wrong because of it, but if you're like me it will bug you when you notice a feedback not showing up where it should or another showing up where it shouldn't.
Oh my...reading through this thread (which is 6 years old) it looks like the Transaction manager has changed quite a bit throughout the years. Hopefully to make it easier to use? It's pretty easy!

Anyways, the reason for this post is to let you all know that I've moved the main Transaction manager link into the account menu panel. I've included a screenshot here so you can all see where I'm talking about.

Cool, although I do not see how to create a new transaction/trade?
Next we need to work on importing SCF eBay and other feedback.
Cool, although I do not see how to create a new transaction/trade?
Next we need to work on importing SCF eBay and other feedback.

I've attached a screenshot here that will show you where to find the "Create transaction" link for all members on the forum. I am working on an import feedback feature to be added in the next Transaction manager release. For now, though, there are no must send first rules anyways so its still up to each member to do their due diligence before confirming a trade with another member.

Well, it only took me a single transaction to realize that not having the Transaction Manager main link in the main navigation was not cool. So, it's back in its original location in the main navigation menu. 🤦‍♂️
Lol I am still waiting for more member traffic so someone will have cards I want and vice verse so I can event do my first trade here!