Trading Cards with Funny Faces


TP9 | VC15
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Every week, starting last week, we post up a category for our members to post cards into in a little thing we call TCZ Showdown. We post the category, take nominations, have 5 days of voting, and crown a winner.

Our first week's category was funny faces. Members are to share a card where the features player, or person, on the card is making the funniest face.

You wouldn't think there would be very many good entries for something like this simply because someone has to actually pick the photos that go on trading cards. It appears, though, that person might have had 1 too many sips of something when they approved these cards photos.

The first one, entered by Cool_Hand_Flash, is a card of Shaquille O'Neal looking like he's afraid that he just may not have the ups to dunk this baby home. Either that, or taco night is creeping up very quickly. Either way, good luck Shaq! Both of those scenarios could turn out to be very ugly!


Here's one, nominated by myself, that looks like a grown man playing peek-a-boo or practicing for his audition to be a dancer in Madonna's super bowl halftime show.


I'm not really sure what is going on in this card, submitted by otis, but I really hope it was just a lost game of truth-or-dare. Look on the bright side though, Oscar. This card received 100% of the votes in our competition, so at least this pose was good for something.