Trading BIG time for these players.....time to bust out those commons boxes


Bench Warmer
Chaun Thompson - 2003 Rookie - LB for the Browns

Derrick Blaylock - 2001 Rookie - RB for the Cheifs, Jets, Redskins (trading big time for autos)

Randy Garner - 2001 Rookie - DE for the Ravens (didn't make the league, may only be in bowman and bowman chrome)

Terrance Copper - 2004 Rookie - WR for the Dallas Cowboys (only want rookie year stuff)

Patrick Crayton - 2004 Rookie - WR for the Dallas Cowboys

Marion Barber - 2005 Rookie - RB for the dallas cowboys (trading big time for autos)

lmk what you have....we will come to terms on some kind of a deal!!!!

I probably can put a stack of base rookies together. I know I have some Topps and Bowman of most of these guys.

What do you have for trade? Any Rutgers guys? LJ Smith, Mike McMahon, Gary Brackett, Brian Leonard, Clark Harris, Marco Battaglia, Ray Lewis?