TRADERS WANTED..easy to deal with. 1,000's listed


Bench Warmer
I have a lot listed and it is pretty well organized and ready to be just picked out.... I am a collector of alot of players so lets just get some deals done... I have traded with some of the best people on this sight so you can trade with confidence..Just click on the link i have provided in my signature. Remember there may be a few cards gone but my list is always maintained and close to updated. Below are some of the cards i can use but if you have a list i can always pick more for other people i deal with

Some of the Players I Like

Brett favre
Peyton Manning
Dan Marino
Tom Brady
Walter Payton
Adrian Peterson
Ladainian Tomlinson
rookies of the 80's and 90's players
Hall of famer inserts
run any gameused or autos by me
and more


Chipper Jones
Derek Jeter
Cal Ripken
mickey mantle Any
albert pujols some
HOF inserts
Alex Rodriguez Yankees only and rookies
Ken Griffey rookies and gameused
80's and 90's rookies
run any gameused or autos by me


Kobe Bryant
Michael Jordan
Lebron James
Rookies from 80's and 90's
run any gameused or autos by me
Hall of Fame low numbered cards