Trade List/Bucket


Must Send First
Legendary Icons Jersey Card of tony gwyne $2 **Has a crease in the middle**

2001 SP piece of action milestone bat Luis Gonzalez

2008 Upper deck Jersey Card of Jermain Dye

2008 Upper deck Jersey Card of Mike Pelfry

2006 Upper Deck Game Meterials Rafael Palmero

2010 Bowman Auto of Darin Holcomb

2010 Topps Series 2 Jim Catfish Hunter Jersey 73/99

2010 Upperdeck Jersey Dan Haren

2001 Sp Legendary Debut Bat Card of Joe Cronin

2009 Futer Foundations Joe Mauer Jersey /w Pinstripe

2008 Allen And Ginters Chase utley Jersey /w Pinstripe

2010 Topps Commemorative patch Chase utley

2009 Topps Commemorative Patch of Willie McCovey BV 25

2009 Topps Commemorative Patch of Jonny Mize BV 25

2006 Sweetspot Auto of Travsi Hafner 33/275 BV is 25

2006 Sweet Spot Super Sweet Swatch Vladimir Guerrero Bv is 30

2006 Upper Deck Jersey Ovation Ryan Howard /W Pinstripe BV is 15 SV may be higher

2007 SP Authentic By the Letter Auto Doug Slater BV 12

2009 Topps Short Print Duke Snider BV 15

2010 Topps Prospects Printing Plate Black of Yohan Flande BV ?
Also Have an Alex Gordon , Timo Perez , and Scott Kazmir Jersey cards each are $5 and that is lower than BV .

Also have official pieces of jersey from some of baseball stars and some common players jut tell me who you need and ill see if I got it. Even Have soem patches!

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A few can be found in my buckett others cant Need to update!