Trade Football 4 Baseball


Bench Warmer
I havent Traded in a while but I would like to try to trade some of my football cards for baseball I need or want.. CARD 4, CARD---Star 4 Star. High$ 4 High$ etc...... Take a look at my bucket.... Thanks, Brett
would u sell? i got no baseball to trade. i only do fb. lmk id be interested in ur helmet cards from 06 leaf....
Brian Calhoun 2006 Leaf Rookies & Stars 4 Color Helmet RC serial #d 077/110
Maurice Drew 2006 Leaf Rookies & Stars 3 Color (Jags tooth) RC Helmet serial #d 008/110
A.J. Hawk 2006 Leaf Rookies & Stars 3 Color RC Helmet serial #d 049/110

dcwolfs: not interested in selling, I use the bay for that. Thanks anyway. Brett

baseball9515:sorry I didnt see anything I could trade either of those guys for right now,but thank you for the response. Brett
ctkenjr: didnt see anything in baseball I could use, I have bought quite a bit of new baseball lately....and you do have alot of great football, but thats what I'm trying to get away from....

dcwolfs:not selling unless very last resort

howardpwr06: didnt see anything in baseball I could trade any of those guys for

baseball9515: very welcome, you actually have a couple very nice cards I do like, I just cant trade those 2 guys for them.
Any interest in

Maris/Mantle with Claire Ruth (1961) 1984 TCMA #26 postcard sized card

2008 UD Prez Predictors Giuliani, Thompson, Gore

2008 UD Felix Hernandez (M's) Game Worn Jersey gray w/ heavy stitches

2005 Studio Auto Bill Hall (Brew Crew)

2005 Topps retired Gold Ozzie Smith (in Padres Uni) /500
i have these baseball.. plmk if your interested in any