Topps DPP Break Results


Bench Warmer


Well, I saw the majority of the people around here didn't like this product, so that made it that much more attractive to purchase. :D Definitely got lucky on this box. Just scanned the refractors, auto, and Jersey card. If you have rookies you collect, I might have the base or the chrome lying around here somewhere, so PM me about those if you feel like it. Here are the details:

-Marshawn Lynch 07 Topps DPP Auto /100
-Quentin Moses 07 Topps DPP Senior Standout JSY
-Calvin Johnson 07 Topps DPP Chrome Refractor
-Frank Gore 07 Topps DPP Refractor /250
-Willis McGahee 07 Topps DPP Refractor

Thanks for stopping in. :cool: