Bench Warmer
Did double or nothing with my friend who I lose the 50 dollar bet to yesterday (he happens to be a Titans fan so obviously I need them to lose)

Pleaseeee win this Saints:pray:


Bench Warmer
C'mon Saints, 0-3 :pop:

Reggie is lucky as hell that he got the ball again on third and goal after the utterly embarrassing drop in the end zone.


Bench Warmer
What's up with the Saints? :shifty: This is gettin ugly for them... sorry to see... since I keep picking them in my pools :doh:

Rexy, Kelly... sorry to hear :pale:


Bench Warmer
And to make matters even worse for the Saints, ESPN reported this morning that McAllister is out for the season with a knee injury :doh:


Bench Warmer
Heard that. It's so nice to wait all off season for the return of football only to have every hope demolished. Really want to hurt someone right now. :wall: