throwbacks baseball box break


scuba steve

I was at meijer the other day and saw a box of 2001 Royal Rookies Throwbacks for 7 bucks. It said there were 18 packs in a box with an auto in every pack. 18 auto's for 7 bucks? Why not?

Auto's /5950:

Luke Allen
Hector Almonte
Ryan Ballard
Peter Bauer
Adrian Burnside
Marlon Byrd
Kevin Connacher
Alex Gomez
Delvin James
Jose Leon
Randel Meadows
Michael Napoli
Enemencia Pacheco
Mike Porzio

autos /3950:
Darron Cox
Garett Gentry
Cory Spencer

Auto /2950:
Andy Beal
yeah, just for fun I'ma see if I can make my 7 bucks back.....

but I'm probably heading to the card shop today to blow more...