Thoughts on 2013 football cards so far??


Bench Warmer
I'm seeing some increased sales in 2013 rookie class cards already. Will be nothing like 2012 but who do you think will perform well in there rookie seasons? I think ej Manuel will bring a big impact and maybe Barkley if there is a true competition at qb on the eagles.
I have 2 words for you to remember, if you're not going to remember anything else. Terrance Williams!
How about the Jaguars new "Offensive Weapon"? I think that Denard Robinson will suprise a lot of people this season
Im interested to see how Denard Robinson plays. He is a great weapon but the Jags have been a dumpster fire in recent years, so I do not have much hope.

I guess I am looking for the QBs in this class to step up and grab a starting spot. EJ Manuel paired with Doug Marrone and CJ Spiller in Buffalo looks like a pretty nice group and if Barkley beats out the other QBs in Philly he will be one to watch.
Good conversation. The bills new head coach did a great job rebuilding the Syracuse program, hoping he can make the bills a threat in the east again. A lot of people are paying high for Austin and lacy now. I am thinking 2013 product will heat up by week 1 and things are a more certain.
Well im not going to say the vikings new wide reciever but i believe he will have a good year. My thoughts is Montee Ball and the honey badger