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Bench Warmer


First off, thanks to both Pence23 and Longhornjunkie. Pence sent me the Jason Hill press pass auto for FREE. Much appreciated :salut: Purchased the Bonds stuff from Longhornjunkie in a local deal here in Dallas. Never hurts to get more of #25. The Marshall, found it for a decent deal, and no, I'm not going to alter this awesome 1 clr patch. :lollol: Details below:

-Barry Bonds 86-87 RC's x4 (Topps Traded, Fleer, Donruss, Donruss Rookies)
-Jason Hill 07 Press Pass Auto
-Brandon Marshall 06 SP Authentic 1 clr /999

Thanks for stopping in. :D
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Nice, used to love those 87 donruss cards. Wasn't that Will Clarks rookie year card too? Used to love that card...:)