Baseball This is my first time so I don't know how to go about doing this, so HELP please!


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I have a Harmon Killebrew, Washinton Senators card I need to sell, I'm not sure of its value, I've been told $100 plus. It's his second year card, 3rd baseman, w/42 homeruns that year, tying w/Sievers. I would appreciate a little coaching, I'd be eternally grateful. Thank you.
I would assume you mean his 1956 topps 2nd year card. I would recommend grading it if it is in decent condition. Vintage sell much better when graded.

Raw copies depending on condition range from about 10.00-30.00

However, graded copies sell better.
Where do I get my cards graded, I have more vintage and rookie card, and how much does it cost? The reason for selling is to get a little cash, I'm broke.
Here's the Prices for how it would be graded, goes from lowest grade value to highest grade value:

1956 Topps #164 Harmon Killebrew:

VgEx 4 = $30
EX 5 = $50
ExMt 6 = $70
NM 7 = $120
NmMt 8 = $250

Can we see a scan of the card?