the day that wrestling died


i still tune in on occasion, but the day i realized wrasslin was fake was when "hacksaw" jim duggan and the "iron" shiek were arrested in lot of NJ driving while intoicated together. i guess i was 14 at the time lol
I don't remember the first time I found out wrestling was an act (fake is not a very accurate description),but I can say John Cena becoming WWE champion played a big part in my not wanting to watch WWE anymore and I have been a fan since around 1981.

They were smoking an intoxicating substance. And the articles were quick to point out that Hacksaw's dad was a law-enforcement official.

I figured it out when it was Undertaker v. Kane at Wrestlemania the second time Kane buried Undertaker alive because I never saw the first one. (Im a new timer)
I new it along time ago as they use to have wrestling claass about 40 miles from us. They would show you how to take a fall and make it look like you were hurt. they would even show you how to draw blood by using a very fine straight razor on your hand between your first finger and thumb. two of my brothers wanted to be wrestlers but after a few sessions they decided it wasn't for them.
Well, as some of you know Chris Jericho is a really close family friend. We had Christmas dinner at my house when I was about five and I asked him, "The cuts you guys get are disgusting" and he told me that lots of the time it was fake and from there, I didn't stop watching but everything changed for me.