Terrell Owens - the Return?


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Reports from Seattle are that Terrell Owens, the former 49'ers, cowboys, Bengals and Bills wr, is going to tryout for the team.. he is 38 years old now, and his most recent team was the Rattlers in arena league if Im not mistaken.. and there was something about him being broke as can be.


So, what does everyone think? Honestly, Seattle could use someone who can catch the ball..
Honestly, Seattle could use someone who can catch the ball..

Then why are they looking at T.O.? Isn't he on the top of the charts for dropped balls? I mean, he was very productive with the Cowboys, but he did drop a LOT of perfectly thrown passes. That, mixed with the fact that he's great at disrupting the locker room, would make me think more than twice about him being on my team. He would have to look almost flawless in the tryouts for me to even consider him. I'm sure he can probably still play the game, but he'd have to be unbelievably better for me to want him.
His last year with the bengals he was at 70+ catches and nearly 1000 yards, and Seattle surely wont mind a couple if drops if they can get 70-ish/900-ish.. at least I think, thats what theyre thinking :LOL: I wouldnt sign him thats for sure.
Tough call, they just signed Braylon Edwards so with T.O., that would be quite a few dropped balls every game
It's official!