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Today we're pleased to announce that we have agreed to a partnership with TCZ will now be the exclusive forum for and their group breaks. We will be posting regular updates about all of their upcoming group breaksin the , so please check them out.

LCB breaks all sorts of cases of cards from all the major sports, UFC/MMA, and even some non-sport cards. If you would like to check them out, their website is, or you can just visit the LCB store to check out their upcoming case breaks.
Great news, I am looking foward to seeing what this can do for the community here at TCZ.
Hello everyone ! Finally getting accustomed to the new forum ! Our first two breaks with TCZ officially on our site will be tonight ! 8:00 & 9:00 P.M. Eastern Time tonight. Here is the link to our schedule where you can click on a break, and pop up information for it including where to view it and what teams are remaining !
This is a great partnership. It's actually how I found out about TCZ in the first place. LCB goes out of their way to provide honest, fair and fun case breaks to their customers (of which I am one) and I think the partnership between LCB and TCZ will only bring positive things!

Great news!